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Re: Questions about liblouis


> Eitan, if you could get upstream to just licence the translation tables
> under a GPL copyleft license (if that is indeed their intention), they
> can drop the extra restriction and the package should (afaics) be
> suitable for main.

The translation tables that are shipped with liblouis are already GPL. I
believe the author's intent from the above restriction is that an
individual or corporation don't create proprietary translation tables
for liblouis.

Here is a quote from one of the project's early backers:

"You are right that I insisted on tables being made part of the open
source archive.  A translator without tables is not very useful.  The
major reason that *** supported development of an open source translator
was to encourage others throughout the world to use it as their braille
translator and to develop excellent tables for their language. The world
needs an excellent translator that agencies and companies can use for
their own purposes without needing to continually re-invent the wheel."

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