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Re: logwatch: list of copyright holders

Am Do 21 Feb 2008 10:25:01 CET
schrieb "Giacomo A. Catenazzi" <cate@cateee.net>:

> IMHO the patches sent to a upstream author which
> doesn't patch the original copyright (adding a name or
> a copyright line) should be interpreted as the above case.
> IMHO the author implicit acknowledges that the patch is
> simple and doesn't include enough intellectual work.
> So I interpret the patch as outside copyright laws

I would be careful about that. Such a notice isn't required for
copyright protection, so it is at least difficult to interpret the
absence of a copyright note as a legal declaration about copyright.
Plus, I don't think authors can decide whether something is
copyrightable (legal systems may differ about this).


Michael Below

Michael Below

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