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backporting licence information for koffice hyphenation


  There is a bug filed about this issue: 

  Thing is that koffice uses hyphenation dictionaries, and the 
licence/copyright is stated neither the source tarball nor svn repository[0]. 
After a conversation with upstream developers, they included that information 
on their trunk [1].

  Now the question is how backporting this information to make it available on 
debian packages. [0] and [1] paths are packaged in koffice-libs.
  I could think of this solutions:

  1- Tell upstream to commit that information on the relevant branch[0]. (see 
  2- Add a section on the debian copyright file (koffice-libs)
  3- Provide copyright statements as they are in /usr/share/doc/koffice-libs/

  Note about 1. Koffice 1.6 brach is almost dead. Upstream is very reluctant 
to modify that branch. Indeed, 1.6.4 release was expected, but now is not 
likely to be actually released.

  I'd like some advice as how to provide this information.

  Thanks a lot.

     Raúl Sánchez Siles
----->Proud Debian user<-----
Linux registered user #416098

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