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Re: web hosting providers' modified .debs

FW> GPLv3 makes it pretty clear that Dreamhost can take your rights away

So all that effort of writing Free Software and the result is there is
Johnny, sitting at the shell prompt, unable to see the source code
to anything behind it if they decide to close it.

I bet the same goes with OLPC then. Also probably:

Hey kids, we here at Gooble Corp. have so many extra computers lying
around, we've decided to offer you all shell accounts using the famous
Debian GNU/Linux operating system plus our bonus tweaks!

So just connect to our computers instead of having to go out and buy a
computer of your own and "install" all that mess.

We here at Gooble know how confusing "source code" is, and that is why
we are making every effort to never let you see it again, accidentally
or otherwise.

Use computers some old fashioned way? Why bother! Get with the G-program!

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