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Re: web hosting providers' modified .debs

On Thu Jan 24 11:37, John Halton wrote:

> It seems clear enough that the administrators of toad are
> "propagating" /bin/ls. And that "propagation" is one that "enables
> other parties to make or receive copies". Nor is this "mere
> interaction ... with no transfer of a copy" - *running* /bin/ls would
> fit this category, but making a copy of /bin/ls in your home directory
> is a different matter.
> So this would seem to be "conveying" within the meaning of GPL v.3,
> and thus will fall within clause 6 of GPL v.3, "Conveying Non-Source
> Forms".

So, do we need to have the sources all installed on our shell hosts? or
a written offer good for three years to provide the source?

Maybe having a deb-src line is good enough since users can run apt-get


Matthew Johnson

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