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Re: [Fwd: [Standards] XSF IPR Policy]

Ben Finney wrote:
Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter@stpeter.im> writes:

FYI, as posted on the standards@xmpp.org list...

Thanks for passing this on.

As approved by the Board of Directors, the XSF's IPR Policy has been
updated to use a modified MIT license rather than the old Creative
Commons Attribution License:


Sad to see the obfuscatory term "Intellectual Property Rights" used
throughout, but based on previous discussion regarding the prevailing
attitudes of the XMPP Standards Foundation I can understand that now
is not the time to remove it.

As mentioned, I don't like the term either. But I was not about to push for a change to the name of the policy at the same time. We might do that in the future...

Very good to see a functional minimum of SHOUTY CAPITALS in the
warranty disclaimer. Well done!

Not all the XEPs reflect the new license yet. That will be fixed

The terms as published would appear to me to result in works that are
DFSG-free, despite the noted problems with terminology. Hurrah!

Thanks again for your significant efforts in this area, and
congratulations on the progress made so far.

Thanks for the feedback provided on this list -- your suggestions improved the final result.


Peter Saint-Andre

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