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Re: patents on Frets on Fire, Pydance, StepMania and such games

On Fri, 18 Jan 2008, Joe Smith wrote:
> That is not sheet music, but more of a raw storage of notes,
> timings, and durations (not too unlike a midi file).

What else is sheet music but a storage form of notes, timings and

> But the key here is that this specifies that the interface must have
> two different types of controls. One that must be pressed with the
> correct timing (the strum bar on a Guitar Hero controler) as well as
> selection buttons that need not be pushed with exact timing, but
> need only be pushed in the right combination when the timing control
> is pushed.

So you have an instrument which has to preselect a note, and another
which much be pressed with exact timing. Most wind instruments satisfy
that requirement.

[Not that any of this really matters, but I'd be rather surprised if
someone who wanted to couldn't kill this off with prior art based on
the bit I've seen.]

Don Armstrong

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