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Re: Questionable copyright on image file in stormbaancoureur packages

2008/1/9, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org>:
> His statement that he holds the copyright most likely protects us from
> charges of willful infringement under US law.  That's about as much
> protection as you get from any upstream; it's still copyright infringement
> if an upstream is wrong about the license terms of a work, or if they lie to
> us, but we don't generally demand extraordinary proof of ownership from our
> upstreams.
> In this case, it may be worth asking for further clarification since
> upstream's statement is so vague on the matter of the model itself.  I.e.,
> did the author buy the copyright to the model, did the model creator
> disclaim all copyright on the model, or did the model creator merely provide
> a license to the model (in which case we probably need to see that license
> to be sure)?
> I think it's a given that the image is going to be a derived work of the
> model under copyright law, otherwise why would the 3d model have been
> relevant enough to even mention?  So the copyright status of the model
> itself is relevant to the distributability and freeness of the image.

This was the conversation I had with upstream about that some time ago:

2007/8/15, Bram Stolk <b.stolk@gmail.com>:
> On 8/15/07, Miriam Ruiz <little.miry@gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> > 2007/8/15, Bram Stolk <b.stolk@gmail.com>:
> > > Miry,
> > >
> > > All the artwork is done by me.
> > > All the models were created by me.
> > > All the sounds were recorded by me.
> >
> > Great :
> >
> > > The engine in the opening screen was modeled by someone else.
> > > I bought a license to use this model to create animations/renderings.
> > > It came from one of those online model-shops.
> > > The engine model is not part of the distrib, so that is ok.
> > > I am not redistributing the model, but a rendered image of that model.
> >
> > So I guess it depends on what license you got to create the rendering.
> > What's the license under which the rendered image shall be distributed? Of
> > course it cannot be GPL, as you cannot make the whole toolchain to generate
> > the image from the source available. Maybe MIT or BSD license would do? Does
> > the original license of the model allow you to redistribute a rendered image
> > of it under a free license?
> It does.
> If the image can't be under GPL, just pick any license you want.
> Maybe even declare the image to be in the public domain.
> Would that work?
> What about the other images in that directory?
> I think I created them with GIMP or something.
> It is a similar situation: I do not own the fonts to create the text,
> but I do own the rendering of it (the text).

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