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Questionable copyright on image file in stormbaancoureur packages


In trying to upgrade to the latest upstream for stormbaancoureur for the Debian Games Team, Paul Wise caught the following in the package.

From /stormbaancoureur-2.0.1/images-stormbaancoureur/README

Rendered from purchased 3D model"

I contacted the author and received the following response:

>>#2.  engine.tga.  In the README you state that it is rendered from a 3D
>>model that you purchased.  That likely makes it non-free for Debian's
>>purposes.  Can you be more specific with that?  Is it Copyrighted to
>>someone else?
>No, the image is copyrighted by me.
>I purchased the right to make renderings from a 3D model.
>This 3D model is not included in the game.

Is this even possible?  If he provides copyright are we covered?

This is a bit of a priority because the current version in the archive contains the same file.

Please CC with replies if possible as I am not on the list.

Thank you!

Barry deFreese

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