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Reputations of debian-legal [was: Eiffel Forum License v2]

On Tue, 1 Jan 2008 15:29:38 +0000 Sean B. Palmer wrote:

> <aside>
> I've had numerous comments, incidentally, that debian-legal is just a
> useless discussion forum, a hive of horrors, a place to be avoided. I
> know someone who's not subscribed to it on purpose. Someone else even
> said outright that they're scared of it!
> Perhaps I haven't been subscribed long enough or something, but I've
> found the exact opposite. Certainly the feedback that I've got has
> been tough and debatory. But it's also been prompt. It's been polite.
> It's been terse and informative, and all emails I've received so far
> have been, I think, written with the spirit of helpfulness.
> So many thanks to everyone for that; and sorry to spoil your bad
> reputation :-)
> </aside>

Well, thanks for this gratifying aside!

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