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Re: JOGL in Debian

On 30/12/2007, Arnoud Engelfriet <arnoud@engelfriet.net> wrote:
> Jordi Guti?rrez Hermoso wrote:
> > A lot of other local laws don't define "intellectual property", but
> > people use the term anyways as if it were legally defined. It's sad
> > news to see that France does and that other laws are also doing it.
> > :-(
> Why do you think it's necessary for a law to define a term of art
> for lawyers? As long as people know what is meant by the term, what
> is the problem?

In this case, because I honestly *didn't* know what the term meant. I
had no idea that geographical indication was also intellectual
property, for instance. I do get the  impression that there is
widespread confusion about what it means.

> Geographical indications: this refers to e.g. labeling sparkling wine
> from California as "Champagne" (which is not allowed because Champagne
> is a protected geographical indication). It's related to trademarks.

I understand what it means, it's just a funny thing to call that
"intellectual property", don't you think?

Also, regarding trademarks, that's sometimes a very non-intuitive
intellectual property. In Mexico, at least, I know that you cannot
trademark a common word, although I'm guessing that only pertains to
Spanish because Windows (r) is seemingly recognised as a trademark,
for instance.

> The two design rights are related but hava a different purpose.
> IC layout designs are purely functional and technical, while industrial
> designs are ornamental. They need separate criteria because of their
> different purpose.

I see, thanks.

> Trade secrets: yes that's a pretty broad definition. If information is
> undisclosed and has commercial value because it is secret, the owner
> of the information has a cause of action against people who misappropriate
> this information from him.

Could I misappropriate your lighter's or matchbox's fire[1] for this
candle I want to light in mourning of the spread of intellectual
property concerns?

> (Very funny, repeating that key here).

Isn't it a Debian package by now?[2] Oh, I guess it hasn't gotten uploaded yet.

It's important to have a sense of humour about these things, because
otherwise I'd be crying about it. :-)

- Jordi G.H.

[1] http://everything2.com/?node_id=697430
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2007/05/msg00043.html

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