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Re: elilo-installer copyright status

On Fri, Sep 28, 2007 at 11:33:11PM +0800, Peter Rock wrote:

> I'm requesting help to verify whether or not the package
> "elilo-installer" qualifies as free software. My understanding is that
> it contains no installable software but exists as set of scripts that
> may or may not run depending upon the system architecture. In the
> package is a readme saying -

> "This is an empty package, whose postinst autodetects drives and
> installs elilo, which is the ia64 equivalent of LILO."

> In the package (elilo-installer_1.5ubuntu3) I'm not seeing any file
> with a copyright declaration. Is there a reason for this or has
> someone overlooked something? Can someone please help me to confirm
> what the copyright is on this package?

This is an oversight.  Please contact the debian-boot mailing list, and/or
the package's contributors (as identified in debian/changelog), to have this

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