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Any comments on this one?  I think we're safe shipping it as long as patent
coverage isn't inherently necessary to implement the spec.  Then if patent
threats appear, the code can be fixed to circumvent them.  But then again,
it sounds really scary (specially considering once the web has stablished
as its new standard, there's no way back).

I would recommend not to include it unless there's an active group of
upstream developers supporting it the non-patent-covered way.

> > use a distro that is not mainstream or just doesn't have a deal with
> > the daemon.. err Microsoft.. like Novell has.. Will I have to suffer
> > the shadow of Microsoft patents  over Silverlight when using or
> > developing Moonlight?
> Not as long as you get/download Moonlight from Novell which will include
> patent coverage. 

See: http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/09/10/2343256

Robert Millan

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