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A license question

(Please CC me, I am not on this list)

Dear Debian Legal,

Could you please comment on whether this license is DFSG compliant or
not? I am actually packaging JFTP, and it uses some small GIF images
released like this:

COPYRIGHT: All images and icons Copyright(C) 1998 Dean S. Jones

This is a quick page to preview the icons I am creating for some of my Java(TM) programs.  You are free to
use them in your programs,   but I am retaining Copyright,   and they can not be used in any books, CD-ROM's,
Web pages, or any other form of image collection without my consent.  I ask that if you do use them to drop
me some e-mail at dean@gallant.com, also, if a screen shot of your application using these icons is available I
will add a link to it from this page. I would please me greatly if you would add a little blurb in something like a
``Help about..'' screen like: 

 Icons  Copyright(C) 1998  by  Dean S. Jones 

Note that it is used in JFTP, which is a program, so I guess it might
be OK. But it doesn't say anything about the

It'd be sad if this license discounts JFTP from entering main, but I
wanted your view for sure.


Kumar Appaiah,
458, Jamuna Hostel,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras,
Chennai - 600 036

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