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Re: Trademark scope (just for the record)

Rick Moen <rick@linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org):
> > The nature of our disagreement seems to be in our differing
> > assessments of what's going to cause confusion in the minds of the
> > customers.
> I'd call that progress -- because _all of the prior writings_ from the
> Debian Project on this and similar subjects have started and stopped
> with "Well, gosh, we need their permission to use their name / logo /
> images", which is of course nonsense.

I think that's a gross misattribution.  Sometimes people behave as
though a Holy Trademark of Antioch exists, but they're usually corrected
swiftly IMO.

Some cases (such as Firefox), use restrictive copyright licensing to
try to help further their trademark policy, so even though trademark
laws don't give them the powers to restrict use, the software doesn't
follow the DFSG for copyright reasons.

Please can you list some of those prior writings from the Debian Project?
In god we trust - all others please bring data.

> Second, I've been reading this mailing list for a very long time, and
> have seen absolutely zero discussion, ever, of actual trademark
> infringement obligations.  

I believe this later email is the explanation for that:
> [...] I end up deleting unread large swathes of both this
> mailing list and d-d, for lack of time. [...]

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