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Re: Open Publication License / GPL / FDL

Geoffroy <mxondebian_sans.pourriel@free.fr> writes:

> We are a group of french debian users about to open a new web site. We
> have in mind to translate debaday's articles and possibly some others
> articles related to debian. Our concern is to use the proper license but
> also to have compatibility whit GPL and avoid FDL.

These are good specific aims. Thank you for considering them.

The simplest way to release a work such that it is compatible with the
GPL version N is to release the work under GPL version N. Is there a
specific reason not to do that?

(Note that the FSF recommend against GPL for non-programs largely
because they prefer to recommend the FDL; there appear to be no
specific arguments against releasing non-program works under the GPL
other than the fact that some of its terms are redundant for

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