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Re: us crypto export regulations

 Thanks, Tis a shame when the day come we have to hire a lawyer to
create a linux distribution. So how do all of these debian mirrors
comply, or are they?
Does debian have a legal team? I would think it may be advisable to
post some information regarding this issue on the site, instead of
persons who decide to mirror Debian being hauled off to jail.

On 8/14/07, Michael Poole <mdpoole@troilus.org> wrote:
> Pat writes:
> >  How would the US export restrictions be applicable to a custom debian
> > cdrom?  The cdrom would have no additional crypto functionality than
> > what is already available in debian and there would be no changes to
> > the source code, so how would it apply regarding distributing isos?
> > How are these export restrictions applicable to mirroring Debian? Is there
> >  anything additional I need to do or is it covered by Debian as it is
> > Debain software?
> If you want legal advice -- the kind of advice that will (usually) be
> accurate and safe enough to keep you out of jail -- you need to retain
> a qualified lawyer to answer these questions.
> Some members of the -legal mailing list may have done similar things,
> but what worked for them may not be good enough for your application
> or for your personal situation.  In today's law-enforcement climate, I
> (personally) would be wary of taking anyone else's word on crypto
> export controls.
> You might be able to find and read the export restrictions on your
> own, but retaining a lawyer is the safe bet since the lawyer would
> know either how the law in the field is applied or the limits of their
> own knowledge.
> Michael Poole

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