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Re: Bacula and OpenSSL

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Hi Kern

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> Yes, and in addition, after Josselin's email, I did a bit of research, and for 
> at least one of the files that we use (fnmatch.c), the FSF license was 
> changed from GPL to LGPL sometime in 2004 the best I can tell.  
> Unfortunately, we are still using the old GPL'ed version rather than the 
> newer LGPL'ed version.
> While it would be best to convert to the newer version, it is not so easy as 
> the we have made some modifications to the old one to support Win32 systems 
> (stupid difference of path separators, ...).  
> Question: for old GPL'ed versions of fnmatch.c and fnmatch.h that we are using 
> copyrighted in 1997 by FSF, would it be possible to modify them to use the 
> LGPL as you are currently doing?
> That would give me a bit of breathing room (i.e. no recoding for the moment).  
> Long term, I am probably going to use your newer LGPLed version since it 
> supports UTF-8, but that will take some modifications and lots of testing.

FSF would need to answer this question directly.  FSF and FSFE are
sister organisations but we are administratively separate.  I will pass
this question onward off-list. :)

> However, one important issue to work through is Josselin's claim that due to 
> the wording in GPL v3, I could switch to it, and it would be OK to link 
> OpenSSL in as shared objects.

I am discussing this with Brett Smith at the moment.



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