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Re: Bacula and OpenSSL

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Hi Kern

Kern Sibbald wrote:
> What I would like:
> I would like Bacula to be able to be freely used by all distros without 
> licensing problems with any Open Source software including OpenSSL.
> 1. Convert Bacula to use gnutls.  One Debian user is working on this, but it 
> is not a small nor an easy project.  And though it is something I consider 
> very worthwhile for Bacula to work with gnutls, it doesn't resolve the 
> problem of using Bacula with OpenSSL.

I understood that you require OpenSSL for Bacula due to user demand, so
you could not replace it by GNUTLS entirely. Is that correct?

> 2. You recently mentioned to me that GPL v3 may be a solution.  Like Linus, I 
> don't see any reason to switch to GPL v3, but if using GPL v3 makes Bacula 
> compatible with OpenSSL AND all distros are happy with that, it seems to me 
> to be an easy solution.  I know that GPL v3 is compatible with the Apache 
> license, but can you confirm whether or not it is compatible with whatever 
> OpenSSL uses?  I would also appreciate having Debian's legal view on this 
> question.

There was the possibility that the final GPLv3 might turn out compatible
with the OpenSSL licence. However, the published GPLv3 is not compatible
with the OpenSSL licence. To be sure I also confirmed this with Brett
Smith at FSF in Boston.

> 3. Barring item 2, it seems to me that the only solution is to eliminate all 
> third party software from Bacula and change the license to less restrictive 
> one that permits Bacula being linked with any Open Source software.

The issue flagged by Fedora concerned that third-party code. In essence:
If you remove all the vanilla GPLv2 or later software from Bacula you
could also move back to your previous GPL+extra clauses license, or to a
GPLv3 + OpenSSL exception license.



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