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Re: Red Hat's Free fonts

Christian Perrier wrote:
(-legal CC'ed with Alan's agreement)

Quoting Alan Baghumian (alan@technotux.com):

I've sent an email to Bryan (CCed you) and he told me he will forward it
to Red Hat staff, but still no response.

May we try to upload it and see what FTP master will decide or you prefer
to forget it?

I re-read the debian-legal thread.

The conclusion seems pretty clear to me: the license is invalid and we
should therefore consider that we have no license at all. As a
consequence, the only conclusion is to avoid uploading.

At least, this is my advice. Someone else may think differently and
upload, leaving the decision to the ftpmaster(s).

I would also suggest waiting before packaging and uploading.

Thankfully it looks like the RedHat decision-makers and the Fedora
contributors are willing to look at the problems with the upstream
tarball and its licensing:


A discussion is going on to suggest better ways of providing these
fonts to the community and making Liberation a collaborative project.

Nicolas Spalinger

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