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Re: Debian-approved creative/content license?

On Fri, 27 Apr 2007 19:15:51 +0200 Michelle Konzack wrote:

> Sorry if you get this Message twice, but my Previously messages does
> not appear in the archives and it seems to be lost...

No problem, actually I've never received any other response... 

> Am 2007-04-11 00:24:19, schrieb Francesco Poli:
> > I mean: I hope those source videos are kept by *more* than one
> > single project member!  Otherwise your game project has a really low
> > bus number (equal to 1, as far as videos are concerned!).
> > How do you copy a big uncompressed video to other project members?
> The whole bunch of videos exist in 1/4 size and with 90% compression.
> So if someone need a new Video-Sequence they take the compressed one
> as template and then the real one will be generated...
> This works directly like a "buildd" (you send the config directly to
> the buildd) which put the resulting video (produced from) the original
> as high compressed one in the $HOME of the user.  He/She can review it
> and then send a command to make the Real-Video.

That is to say, IIUC, among project members only compressed videos are
And the source (uncompressed and uncut) videos are kept on a single
machine by a single person (with backups I hope).
And no one else has a copy of the source videos?!?
No redundancy, at all?!?

> > This is unfortunate, as it poses downstream recipients in a position
> > of disadvantage with respect to upstream maintainers.
> Should I contact the FSF about this special problem?

I don't think the FSF feels strongly about the freeness of anything that
is not a program.  Quite the opposite, unfortunately (grinnn).

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