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backporting and dual-licensing

Say a person X writes a library libfoo. He licenses the library out under both the GPL and a commercial licence.

A person Y uses libfoo under the GPL. He goes and does a lot of improvements in the library since it is under the GPL. Now the modified version of libfoo is copyrighted by both X and Y.

So X would not be able to import such improvements into the main distribution of libfoo since then he would not be able to dual-licence it - specifically he would not be able to licence it commercially, not owning it entirely. He must either take Y into his business or obtain a waiver from Y by one-time payment or whatever.

My question is: What would be considered a big enough difference/modification that X would need Y's permission for backporting the changes?

1. If Y fixes a bug (of whatever severity) with a patch?

2. If Y makes improvements to the library by optimizing some algorithms?

3. If Y adds new functionality to the library?

4. If Y just restructures the library in a more efficient manner.

Shriramana Sharma.

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