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Bug#419597: please remove twolame (patent infringement)

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007, Robert Millan wrote:
> twolame contains code (MP3 encoding algorithm) which infringes patents of
> the Fraunhofer Institute.  This falls in the "Software that can't be packaged"
> cathegory in WNPP:

Except that according to its package description, it does not contain
code to encode Mpeg Audio Layer 3 files, only MPEG Audio Layer 2.
[Indeed, the very threat of litigation involving mp3 is why twolame
I don't personally know if mp2 is safe from patents or not (I would
guess that it isn't, but I can't make a determination either way
anyway) but to my knowledge we have yet to see people asserting
patents which cover mp2.

Feel free to provide specific evidence to contradict me, however.

Don Armstrong

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