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Re: ITP: rott -- Rise of the Triad: The HUNT begins


Fabian Greffrath schrieb:

> By the way, the game is on the German `Index' (some kind of nasties
> list). That means, it must not be sold to underage persons and not even
> be advertised *in Germany*. However, Quake 2 and Doom are on that list,
> too. Any advise?

That's an issue I tried to address here some time ago. I think the way
to go is a new section of the distribution, comparable to non-US, maybe
called adult. As it is now, I would not advise distributing Debian with
these packages in Germany or other countries with comparable laws.

See f.e. the OpenSUSE statement regarding this:

"Doom and other similar software is not included for legal reasons. The
game itself and the promotion of the game is only allowed to persons of
legal age or some versions are even indexed in some countries which are
part of the European Union. We do want to stay out of those problems and
therefor do not include it"

OTOH, no measures have been taken by the authorities against Debian yet.
I think the current strategy of ftp-masters is to ignore this issue
until something happens, so this would be in favor of adding your package.


Michael Below

Michael Below

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