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Re: Python Software Foundation trademark policy

Gervase Markham wrote:
> The Python Software Foundation trademark policy[0] says the following:
> "# Use of the word "Python" when redistributing the Python programming
> language as part of a freely distributed application -- Allowed. If the
> standard version of the Python programming language is modified, this
> should be clearly indicated. For commercial distributions, contact the
> PSF for permission."

BTW guys, I suspect this is an example of the "commercial==proprietary"
fallacy. Python programs can be put under a proprietary license, and
standard library modules may be included in proprietary packages. Thus
it's not entirely unexpected that a proprietary developer might want to
include the interpreter itself.

Having done so, they may want to advertise this fact on the label of
their shrinkwrap box in the CompUSA where they are selling their
productized proprietary software. In that situation -- as I read this --
the PSF would like them to seek trademark use permission. They might
even wish to charge a royalty for that privilege.

I could be wrong, but I suspect this is what they have in mind when they
say "commercial distributions".

The term "commercial" has a wide range of interpretations by many
people, and I personally it should be avoided because of confusion like
this. Probably this question should be propagated back to the PSF,
because it is rather unclear. I suspect that debarring Debian from using
the name "python" to label the Debian package was far from their intent,

Note that this is a FAQ you're reading, rather than a legal document.
FAQs usually don't get the fine-tooth-comb legal treatment that licenses do!


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