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Re: ttf-tuffy: The Tuffy Font Family

Fabian Greffrath wrote:
> I have placed them in the Public Domain.

PD is the most free 'license' possible.

> This is all 100% my own work.

Means he has the right to PD the work.

> Usage is totally
>         unrestricted. If you want to make derivative works for any
>         purpose, please go ahead.

Has no legal effect, but explains what PD means to those who may not

>         I welcome comments & constructive criticism.

Friendly invitation. No legal impact.

> Is this explicitely free enough for inclusion in Debian's main section?
> May this be the content of a debian/copyright file?

Absolutely, this is consistent with past practice.


Terry Hancock (hancock@AnansiSpaceworks.com)
Anansi Spaceworks http://www.AnansiSpaceworks.com

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