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Re: http://pdphoto.org/

"Maarten de Boer" <mdeboer@iua.upf.edu> wrote in message 20061108141505.6126bfca.mdeboer@iua.upf.es">news:20061108141505.6126bfca.mdeboer@iua.upf.es...

I would to know if the use of 'public domain' photos from the website
http://pdphoto.org/ to be distributed with an application would be
considered DFSG-compatible.

Most photo's come with a link to the CC public domain dedication


IMO, that dedication is one thing CC has done quite well.
It is a clear statement of intent, and if in a country it is possible
to reliquish copyright (In some countries it may not be possible),
the statement listed in that dedication is almost certain to be sufficent.

In countries that do not recongnize the ability to reliquish copyright,
it is unclear if that dedication would have any effect, but being such an overt statement of intent, it is perhaps possible that those countries would conclude
that it grants an implied all-permisive licence.

(I want include the text here, because I are probably familiar with it)

But the website also contains the "Copyright" page,
http://pdphoto.org/Copyright.php , from which I include the contents


The information on that page indicates that the author is fairly aware of the
some of the inportant legalities related to the images, such as noting that
he lacks model relases, and also warning about misuse of photos that may contain
trademarks or copyrighted material of others (especially of companies).
While some of the text is decidedly unprofessional, there seems to be nothing problematic
about any statements on that page.


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