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I would to know if the use of 'public domain' photos from the website
http://pdphoto.org/ to be distributed with an application would be
considered DFSG-compatible.

Most photo's come with a link to the CC public domain dedication


(I want include the text here, because I are probably familiar with it)

But the website also contains the "Copyright" page,
http://pdphoto.org/Copyright.php , from which I include the contents


---- FROM: http://pdphoto.org/Copyright.php ----

Copyright Information

Except for rare, specific exceptions, I maintain no copyright on this site or it's content. Unless something is clearly marked as being not public domain, you can assume it is free to use.

So the photos, graphics, designs or text I've produced and integrated into this website are not copyrighted. They are explicitly placed in the public domain. Use them for whatever you want. Use it all. Sell it. Mangle it. Whatever you want. Please. But it would be polite to let me know so I can at least enjoy whatever creative use you're putting it to.

This includes thousands of photos in the picture database, all the stories, all the recipes, all the posts, the design, everything. Use it for whatever you want.

However, there are some things to keep in mind:

This doesn't mean that you can take the material and then copyright it yourself. It's in the public domain and that's where I want it to stay.

Please note that content produced by others here may have it's own copyright and you'll have to deal with them about that. Specifically, all comments are © their original authors, and all content copied from other sites is © the original owner.

Many of the images here feature members of the public. If you see a picture of someone else here YOU SHOULD ASSUME THAT I DO NOT HAVE A MODEL RELEASE. Ditto for pictures of private property, events, attractions, etc. Please note: Some of the images here are from commercial attractions such as SeaWorld. Don't use these for anything without asking them!!! SeaWorld probably wouldn't mind, but they would have a very straight forward case if they decided to sue you. Don't be a dumbass. If you have any questions about whether something like that is a problem, contact me and I'll help track it down.

If you are shown in a photo, or feel a photo violates your copyrights, and object to it being available on the Internet, please contact me and the image will be removed (I'll need a way to contact you).

If you want to use a picture on your own web page YOU MUST save the picture to your own server.

I respect the intellectual property of others, and so should you. Please don't misuse images of others that you find here. Clearly I can't grant you the right to use images of people without their permission. Fair use is good, but so is privacy and accountability. If I catch hell because you found something here and messed with it in an illegal or inappropriate way, I swear I'll track your stupid ass down and try very hard to make you unhappy to the fullest extent of the law. When in doubt, please just ask.

But fair use is still fair use. Feel free to use anything here for parodies, education, or private use. Certainly nothing inappropriate there.

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