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Re: Bug#383481: Must source code be easy to understand to fall under DFSG?

Marco d'Itri wrote:
> arnoud@engelfriet.net wrote:
> >> No, it does not. As usual, you are just inventing new requirements which
> >> are not specified by the DFSG.
> >Perhaps. But how can software be considered 'free' if no
> >useful source code is available?
> By following the DFSG.

The DFSG is a set of guidelines that need interpretation when
dealing with specific situations. It's not a self-contained
legal code. 

> >Obviously there's no single definition for all cases. I know people
> This is not a good reason for inventing ad hoc definitions.

True. It is however a pretty good reason to apply definitions
that have consensus in the relevant circles. If most people
would prefer the "real C" over the disassembled machine code,
then the real C is the source. 


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