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Re: Is the University of Edinburgh clickwrap GPL DFSG-free?

On Fri, 03 Nov 2006, Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:
> Don Armstrong wrote:
> > This may be what he's asking, but if so, it's the wrong question.
> Just to make it clear.  The questions I am interested in are:
> 1) Does this license allow me to treat the package as licensed under the
> plain GPL in terms of what I am allowed to do?
> 1b) If I were to package this software, would the package be under the GPL?
> 2) Is the license DFSG-free?
> (Obviously, if the answer to 1 is "yes", then the answer to 2 is also "yes".)


> > Answering the "is this actually GPLed" question makes the DFSG
> > freeness of the clickwrap moot.
> Not moot but trivial.
The point I'm trying to make is that if the answer to #1 is no, then
the answer to the other questions doesn't matter, because we can't
distribute it at all. As to whether we can do #1, that's something
that should ideally be clarified with the copyright holder, whoever
they are.

Don Armstrong

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