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Re: conquer relicensing

Arnoud Engelfriet writes:

> Michael Poole wrote:
>> Arnoud Engelfriet writes:
>> > Without a piece of paper with Adam's signature saying otherwise, 
>> > the copyright remains with him. So Ed should ensure he does not
>> > change the copyright notice.
>> This is certainly a curious definition of "writing" and "signature" --
>> which is to say it is not one governing the law you quote, or the one
>> used any place I know of where the legal system has caught on to the
>> digital age.  See, for example, 15 USC 7001(a):
> You're right, I wasn't aware the USA had finally incorporated
> that into law. We have had similar laws in Europe for about 
> three years now.
> However I didn't see a signature in the text file. 
> Only the guy's name. 

At least in the US, the relevant law (why I mentioned "affirmative
acts") is what make click-through agreements binding -- the act of
clicking is the user's electronic "signature".  My thought is that his
writing out of that paragraph would also suffice to show affirmative

(In pre-computer times, did not thumbprints or 'X's qualify as
signatures?  My understanding is that a contract marked with one of
those was generally binding on whomever made such a mark.)


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