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Re: conquer relicensing

Michael Poole wrote:
> vejeta@gmail.com writes:
> > * The following file "trade.c" was written by Adam Bryant who
> > * gives all rights to this code to Ed Barlow provided that this
> > * message remains intact.
> IANAL, but this looks like an effective conveyance of copyright to me.

I would rather read it as an unrestricted license that grants 
permission to exercise all exclusive rights to Ed Barlow.

As this grant includes the right to sublicense, Ed can apply
the GPL's terms to the code.

In most jurisdictions copyright can only be transferred in writing.
See e.g. 17 USC 204:
"A transfer of copyright ownership, other than by operation of law, is
not valid unless an instrument of conveyance, or a note or memorandum
of the transfer, is in writing and signed by the owner of the rights
conveyed or such owner's duly authorized agent."

Without a piece of paper with Adam's signature saying otherwise, 
the copyright remains with him. So Ed should ensure he does not
change the copyright notice.


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