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Re: conquer relicensing

On 10/9/06, Arnoud Engelfriet <arnoud@engelfriet.net> wrote:

Without a piece of paper with Adam's signature saying otherwise,
the copyright remains with him. So Ed should ensure he does not
change the copyright notice.

That brings me a new issue, with more doubts, so I reproduce the messages I
had with Ed.

edward barlow wrote:

yes it was - although at some point i transitioned it to adam bryant who was
at MIT (or was it boston university).  i lost touch with him tho"

I wrote:

I have a copy of conquer v4, with a copyright statement in the
header.h file that starts
" /* conquer : Copyright (c) 1988, 1989 by Ed Barlow. "

I was wondering if you could allow permission to include the package
into Debian GNU/Linux, that would require to change the permissions to
permit the Debian or other GNU/Linux distributers to include the
binaries and sources.

edward barlow wrote:

go for it.
im glad anyone still wants to play it!

So, I replied:

Then, if you allow it, I will package conquer v4 changing sources
license to the GNU
General Public License, to allow its distribution,modification as free software.

Also I will need to ask about this in linux.debian.legal to see if
this is just enough.
Would you mind if I quoted your email?
Further statements maybe required by your part.

edward barlow wrote:

no prob

So, I have been investigating.

It seems Adam Bryant developed a new version 5 of conquer:

where all the files hold notices disallowing redistribution of the
code with a notice
starting with.

/* conquer : Copyright (c) 1992 by Ed Barlow and Adam Bryant */

Some people managed to talk with Adam in 1997 where he said he
licensed conquer to a commercial developer, saying title would revert
back to him if the company didn't release anything in two years.

A press release in 1997 also seems to cerfify that:

My doubt is, how this license transfering of the Adam Bryant code
could affect the old code of version 4 of conquer released in 1988 in
USENET, the one that Ed allowed me to relicense as Free Software.

Sorry for the sudden burdening of information, I tried to give all the
information I can.

-- Juan

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