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Re: Licence for a file in tstat: is it compatible with Debian?

Sandro Tosi <matrixhasu@gmail.com> wrote:
> > OTOH you have a different problem: a four clauses BSD-like license is
> > not compatible with GPL-licensed code, and this means that the package
> > is not distributable at all.
> So, what do I have to do now? Should I get in touch with upstream
> asking to remove/replace that code? Something else?

I don't know the context of the above comment, but I think it's:
1. if you can find the copyright holder or a powerful licensee (one
who can issue the work under any licence), ask for relicensing;
2. if you can't, ask upstream to remove or replace;
3. if they won't, see if you can remove or replace;

In all of the above three, note in your debian/copyright file any changes
not reflected upstream - include relevant emails (and ask permission to
do so, so people know they are on-the-record).

If none of the above works:
4. curse everyone involved in software copyright, publish the bug
and look for another package to solve the same problem.

Best wishes,
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