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Re: Licence for a file in tstat: is it compatible with Debian?

matrixhasu@gmail.com wrote:

>while in RFS-phase of the package tstat has come out that file
>``erf.c'' has licence near to BSD, and that its 4th clause is on the
>edge to accepted in Debian (see this thread
This is bullshit, a four clauses BSD-like license is totally free and
even raised as an example of free licenses in the DFSG.
There are practical reasons which make advertisement clauses undesirable,
but this does not mean that the BSD license is any less "accepted" than
other free licenses.

OTOH you have a different problem: a four clauses BSD-like license is
not compatible with GPL-licensed code, and this means that the package
is not distributable at all.

>http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2006/08/msg00201.html on
>debian-mentors for discussion about it).
It's annoying that clueless people are advising our new developers.
Some flaming may be needed.


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