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Re: DomainKeys license(s)

Magnus Holmgren <holmgren@lysator.liu.se> wrote:
> On Thursday 27 July 2006 12:15, Magnus Holmgren took the opportunity to say:
> > I sent a "clarification request" using their feedback form a couple of
> > weeks ago. Still no reaction (reply or update of their web page). I asked
> > if their intention is to license their patents as long as all code using
> > them is available under (at least) GPL 2.0. If so, it should at least be
> > safe (w.r.t. to copyright and patents) to package libmail-domainkeys-perl
> > and libmail-dkim-perl.
> >
> > Can I and my sponsor proceed, assuming that nothing bad will happen? I
> > think it's a pretty good assumption, but I guess that this kind of legal
> > uncertainty is unacceptable. Can someone with more influence please try to
> > get an answer out of Yahoo? Considering all the complaining about how
> > broken SPF is, I reckon there must be some interest in DKIM.
> I still haven't received any comment on this. Isn't anyone interested?

I thought you were waiting for help contacting Yahoo.  I don't think
I can do more than you on that.  Do you know that your clarification
request ever got to a human?  Have you tried following up by phone,
fax or whatever?

> Since DFSG apparently (according to the recent discussion) only deals with
> copyright and restrictions imposed by the copyright owner, [...]

Sorry, but I think that's nonsense.  Please be careful who you believe.
Check for yourself: try searching the DFSG and Social Contract for any
such limit.

> What about the Perl license and the OpenSSL license (my packages depend on
> Perl OpenSSL wrapper packages)? [...]
> Can someone please explain the full implications? My head is spinning...

Yep, that's messy.  I'm no OpenSSL expert - please start a new thread on
that with OpenSSL in the subject so that wiser people will spot it.

ftpmasters may be happy or not about the patent situation (it doesn't seem to
be very actively enforced), but I guess the OpenSSL question needs checking.

Best wishes,
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