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Re: DomainKeys license(s)

holmgren@lysator.liu.se wrote:

>Since DFSG apparently (according to the recent discussion) only deals with 
>copyright and restrictions imposed by the copyright owner, I assume that 
>uploading the independently developed Perl packages, libmail-domainkeys-perl 
>and libmail-dkim-perl, should be possible. Just one more question: 
Yes, please do not wait further.

>What about the Perl license and the OpenSSL license (my packages depend on 
>Perl OpenSSL wrapper packages)? The Perl license is a dual license 
>("Artistic", which goes fine with OpenSSL (right?), + GPL, which is 
>incompatible with OpenSSL. Doesn't the OpenSSL dependency destroy the GPL 
>license option? Perhaps not for my packages, but for libcrypt-openssl-*-perl?
Tipically different perl modules are not considered a derived work, but
if they were then the GPL option would not be usable.


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