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Re: Proposed new IETF license

Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> quoted: [...]
>       3.3.  Rights Granted by Contributors to IETF Trust
>       To the extent that a Contribution or any portion thereof is
>       protected by copyright or other rights of authorship, the
>       Contributor [...] grant a
>       perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, world-wide
>       right and license to the IETF Trust under all such copyrights and
>       other rights in the Contribution [...]
>       The licenses granted in this Section 3.3 shall not be deemed to
>       grant any right under any patent, patent application or other
>       similar intellectual property right disclosed by the Contributor
>       under BCP 79 or otherwise.

So that is IETF gets 'copyright or other rights of authorship' and 'all
such copyrights and other rights' permissions but NOT 'any patent, patent
application or other similar intellectual property right disclosed [...]'.

It looks to me like IETF is dividing rights into two groups and only
getting permission to one group, but it is not clear to me where the
boundary is.  Seems a bit cloudy.

>       3.8 Rights Granted by the IETF Trust to Third Parties
>    (A)  to copy, publish, display, and distribute each IETF Document
>       (including all Contributions and other portions thereof) in
>       unmodified form,

Really, we want s/unmodified/whole or in part/ like 3.3(A).

>    (C)  to extract, modify, incorporate into other works, copy, publish,
>       display, and distribute executable code or code fragments that are
>       included in any IETF Document (such as MIB and PIB modules),
>       subject to the notification requirements of Section 5.

Yes, I think this is sufficient for code fragments extracted from RFCs
to be distributed with Debian.  Section 5 just appears to be usual
copyright notices, if I'm reading the right thing.

Hope that helps,
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