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Re: BCFG Public License

Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> wrote:
> The post I was responding to was from someone who has, and was abusing
> their position as a representative of Debian in an official capacity as
> arbiter of acceptable licenses for Debian. 

Huh?  Please go learn who are the official arbiters of BCFG licence
acceptance (it isn't me) before screaming 'abuse of power! abuse of power!'

> If you, as a private netizen,
> have problems with the 4 clause BSD license, that's fine.  Just please
> represent your opinions as your opinions.

Which I did.  I post from a personal non-debian address, with a footer that
states very clearly this is only my opinion and links to a statement that
makes it quite clear I am NOT a representative of Debian in this situation.
The page with that statement also links through to fuller descriptions.

Please try to read posts before making silly accusations about them.

This does nothing to build faith in the odd intepretation of my native
language in the 'agree' subthread, as it suggests an inability to read.

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