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Re: gbdfed license of one file

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006, Baruch Even wrote:
> I'm packaging gbdfed and in reviewing the license of the source files I
> found the following notice:
>  * - You can use this code for any purpose and without fee, except that
>  *   you may distribute only verbatim copies of it.  Please send me any
>  *   bug fixes, ports or improvements for inclusion in future versions.
>  *
>  * - The code is supplied with no warranty of any kind.
> This seems non-free to me due to the "distribute only verbatim
> copies" part, but I wanted to check that before I contact the
> upstream author.

And the fact that it cannot be sold; both of these cause problems for
DFSG compliance.
> The rest of the code uses the following license:


Yeah, that's definetly DFSG free.

Don Armstrong

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