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Re: Debian & Cuba, again

* Ying-Chun Liu:

> David Moreno Garza wrote:
>> Googling a bit, I've found a previous discussion on exporting Debian to
>> Cuba, which apparently it is not allowed, what does this *exactly* mean?
> Maybe you are googling something outdated. I think it is OK now if you
> export Debian main only (without non-free/contrib sections).

Not quite, see <http://www.access.gpo.gov/bis/ear/txt/746.txt>.  An

| (4)  Applications for licenses may be approved,
| on a case-by-case basis, for certain exports to
| Cuba intended to provide support for the Cuban
| people, as follows:
|           (i)  Applications for licenses for exports of
| certain commodities and software may be
| approved to human rights organizations, or to
| individuals and non-governmental organizations
| that promote independent activity intended to
| strengthen civil society in Cuba when such
| exports do not give rise to U.S. national security
| or counter-terrorism concerns.  Examples of such
| commodities include fax machines, copiers,
| computers, business/office software, document
| scanning equipment, printers, typewriters, and
| other office or office communications equip ment. 
| Applicants may donate or sell the commodities or
| software to be exported.  Reexport to other end-
| users or end-uses is not authorized.

Note the "case-by-case basis" part.

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