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Debian & Cuba, again


I've been invited to go to Cuba to support some of their free software
iniciatives, which some of them are Debian-based.

I've tried to understand what exactly are the limitations of the US
embargo wrt Debian, or how can things could affect both sides.

What should I not supposed to do there? I'm willing to push Cuban people
(through the Latinamerican effort) to collaborate with Debian, is there
anything they shouldn't be supposed to do?

I would, for example, would be trying to do a small BSP with Cubans
participating. Also, I'd like to have a KSP. Is there any limitations?
If so, is there any workaround for it? Could be people participate by
translating, let's say, the webwml tree? Can I take Debian CDs/DVDs with
me a give them to people?

Googling a bit, I've found a previous discussion on exporting Debian to
Cuba, which apparently it is not allowed, what does this *exactly* mean?

Thanks in advance for your support with this. Since I'm going there next
week, I don't want to cause Debian legal problems wrt the US government,
that's why I'd really want some answers in order to understand how to
proceed with work plans there.

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