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Re: license of translations

Il giorno mer, 31/05/2006 alle 15.58 +0200, Nicolas François ha scritto:
> Hello,
> debian-i18n is going to setup an translation infrastructure.
> It would be nice to have a discussion and some advices about the
> translations' licenses.
> I would like to avoid the positions of two other projects:
>  * The Translation Project is asking for a (paper) disclaimer for the GNU
>    translations [1] (I find it too restrictive)

I don't find it to restrictive.

>  * Translations from Rosetta do not contain the name of the contributors
>    (how to relicense a software with such a translation?)

This is really bad.

> For the Debian L10N Infrastructure, we would like to receive (at least
> proposals for) translations from unsubscribed users for different kinds of
> document, with different licenses. The easiest way would be to indicate
> that the licenses of the translations done with this infrastructure are
> the same as the original documents.

I do think this is the only avaliable license, I mean that when I
translate something I always leave the license the same as the original


PS: sorry for been so late in replying but I was on holiday and than
full of work to do. ;)
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