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Re: license of translations

Javier SOLA <lists@khmeros.info> [...]
> It could take the form of a warning message when you upload files... 
> "All information submitted will be considered.... by clicking in ok you..."

I am irritated when applications try to dictate terms to me.
Also, if we effectively give people no choice, we allow them to
accuse us of being unfair, as well as failing to accept those
packages where a different licence to the program is acceptable.

> >For additional safety, can the infrastructure accept GPG-signed submissions?
> This could be a problem, if it is a requirement. In many case localisers 
> are not technical people, and this could be a strong barrier to usage.

An ability, not a requirement.

However, I doubt that clicking the "Signed" icon in a mail client
and entering your passcode is too technical for a translator.  (I
know some mail clients make you jump through hoops, but they are
buggy for doing so IMO.  I think it's daft to assume all clients
are buggy because some clients are buggy.)


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