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Re: Non-DD's in debian-legal

* Adeodato Simó (dato@net.com.org.es) [060606 11:54]:
> No, it does not break. Analyzing software licensing does in fact not
> require any developer privileges _at all_, in the same measure _preparing_
> a full set of GNOME packages does not, either. But the same way those
> packages don't become "official" unless a developer signs them, non-DDs
> can't have their word count as official either, even if they're more
> knowledgeable than any DD on the subject matter.

It has happened in the past that the DPL asked a DD and a NM to make
together a team to deal with a problematic license and to give together
official Debian statements. This is ok, and good, but of course, that's
the exception and not the rule.


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