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Re: Non-DD's in debian-legal

* Jeremy Hankins [Mon, 05 Jun 2006 20:04:56 -0400]:

> > The thing is that, no matter how much they work and no matter how high
> > quality their packages are, at the end it _HAS_ to be a Debian Developer
> > the one to sign the .changes file. Credit and acknowledgement will go
> > to the non-developers, of course, since they did the work, but a DD has
> > to review and sign it before it is consider oficially part of Debian.

> That's where the analogy breaks down, though.  Analyzing software
> licensing situations doesn't require upload rights or a key on the
> developer key-ring.

No, it does not break. Analyzing software licensing does in fact not
require any developer privileges _at all_, in the same measure _preparing_
a full set of GNOME packages does not, either. But the same way those
packages don't become "official" unless a developer signs them, non-DDs
can't have their word count as official either, even if they're more
knowledgeable than any DD on the subject matter.

> > And, if sadly no developer would be interested in uploading those packages, 
> > those contributors do not get to create an Alioth project, set up a
> > repository, _and_ tell the world those are the official GNOME packages for
> > Debian. They can create the project, set up the repo, and inform interested
> > parties that they believe those packages are suitable for Debian, that they 
> > would like to see them in the official archive, and the reasons why they are
> > in gnome.alioth.debian.org instead of ftp.debian.org.

> > As you'll understand, nobody would like for debian-legal@lists.debian.org
> > to become the gnome.alioth.debian.org in the example above.

> I'm afraid I don't understand the fear here.  What would it mean for d-l
> to become gnome.alioth.debian.org in your example?

To be a place where people get "stuff" believing it's official from Debian,
when it's not. If you reread the long paragraph above, though, you'll note 
that this is only one of the possibilities (the non-allowable one); the
other one is to clearly say it's not official and, if you want, why (e.g.,
"no DDs care about this enough").

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