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Re: pygaim license terms not present in source

Don Armstrong wrote:
On Sat, 03 Jun 2006, Michael Spang wrote:
I have created a package [0] for PyGaim. Their SourceForge project
page says that PyGaim is distributed under the GPL. There is no
mention of this, however, in the source release.
This is a bug; whether it would preclude distributing it in Debian is
a bit questionable, but they should definetly be following the
instructions given in the GPL for releasing a work under the GPL.
I am hoping to have the "questionable" part resolved here on debian-legal. I did point them to those guidelines so hopefully the next release will properly document the copyright and license.
I have asked them to include a COPYING or LICENSE file in their next
release through their mailing list [2] and through two of the
developer's emails, but they did not respond.
This is actually slightly more worrying than the copyright issues, as
you've got a non-responsive upstream; I'd be concerned more about that
and the possibility of having to support this package unless they get
back to you. [But you probably already knew that.]
Indeed, it is concerning that the three developers that run this project seem to have evaporated. Their latest release was made last December, and last communication from one of the developers on their forum was made in January. At this point I am still willing to move forward with the package; I think it would be a valuable addition to Debian. If any issues arise, I may as you say end up having to deal with them myself.
Michael Spang

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