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Re: license of cstex / cslatex

"Francesco Poli" <frx@firenze.linux.it> wrote in message [🔎] 20060526223043.103e5e52.frx@firenze.linux.it">news:[🔎] 20060526223043.103e5e52.frx@firenze.linux.it...
Because on the one hand the copyright holder says that no further
restrictions (beyond the ones found in the GPL terms) can be imposed on
recipients (see GPLv2, section 6).
On the other hand he himself adds one such restriction.
Good point. Considering that RMS feels the licencer should not do this,
and the fact that GNU is a trademark controlled by RMS, it seems
that it would not be smart for Debian to distribute. Besides the
use of the words GNU General Public Licence in that licence notice is misleading,
and that is reason enough to reject the package.

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