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Re: GPLed libraries dfsg compatible?

This one time, at band camp, Moritz Lenz said:
> Hello,
> I want to debianize EiffelStudio, a compiler and IDE for the programming
> language eiffel. It is dual-licenced under a commercial licence and
> under GPL.
> Included in EiffelStudio is the so called "Base Library", released under
> the GPL as well. This library is absolutely nesseary for programming
> with eiffel, you are not able to write any program that does not use the
> "Base Library".
> With this licencing model you are forced to release your programs
> written in EiffelStudio (GPL version) under the GPL as well.
> Can we regard this software as dfsg compatible?

Absolutely.  It is a viral license, but that is the point, and Debian
considers the GPL to be free.
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