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Re: Tremulous packages

On Wed, 26 Apr 2006 17:29:37 -0400 Joe Smith wrote:

> > - The datas are CC-share-alike : non-free. They intend to relicense
> > them to CC 2.5+ then CC 3 when it will be out though, which will
> > make them debian-free.
> >
> > - There is a not-free-at-all media license exception, but the author
> > agreed to change the license to CC as the other medias. He wrote an
> > email to the Tremulous maintainer for this, so I think it's ok to
> > say it's CC right now. The new relicensing is not included in my
> > source archive, but as he gave his agreement, I think I can just
> > remove this exception from the license file in my archive.
> A simple clarification from the copyright holders that they will not
> be  enforcing any of the problematic
> clauses, along with the promise to upgrade to the newer versions of CC
> when  possible should qualify them
> as free. (We let Mozilla get away with this durring the
> tre-licencing). So  simply get the clarification.

I don't see any similarities with the Mozilla case: Mozilla has been
going through a slow and difficult relicensing process from a non-free
status to a DFSG-free one.
Debian waited until the process ended.

What you're proposing here is instead, additional permissions to fix the
issues with the used license and a promise to upgrade the license when a
future DFSG-free version is out.
Firstoff, we cannot be sure that such a DFSG-free version of a Creative
Commons license will ever be released (we can hope so, but that's
entirely different from being sure!).
Anyway, if upstream adds extra-license permissions to fix the license
non-freeness, then we can accept the work as DFSG-free.
This would be a highly suboptimal solution, though.
It would be far better to adopt a clearly DFSG-free license (same
hassle, far better result).

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